Laurus  19 Hand Painted Vase
Laurus  19 Hand Painted Vase

Laurus 19 Hand Painted Vase

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BY Due Zeta

Articles from Murano Style Collection are carefully handmade. Small imperfections must not be considered as a
defect, instead they are index of absolute uniqueness of the item

Crystal processing and manual decoration are two very ancient Arts,
expression of the great Italian tradition.
The meeting between the two great schools of glass masters and master decorators in Venice
it symbolizes the taste and beauty that distinguish the Italian style.
Zecchin gives life to “Murano Style”, an extraordinary line
of objects for home decoration and furnishing.
The perfect combination of aesthetics, creativity and craftsmanship that it contains
the uniqueness and secrets of two ancient and precious materials.
Color joins the evocative power of decorated crystal
creating surprising chromatic effects, vibrant and engaging
like the reflections of the Venice lagoon.
Zecchin, contemporary art creations..

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