Uccellino Vase
Uccellino Vase
Uccellino Vase
Uccellino Vase

Uccellino Vase

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BY Lineasette

A collection of vases inspired by the hummingbird. It is the smallest bird existing in nature; it seems fragile, but in reality it is strong, with excellent flying skills, as it remains suspended while sucking the nectar of flowers. We seem to catch a glimpse of it resting timidly on the edge of the vase, between the stems of the flowers, which rely on it for their pollination.

Giuseppe Bucco & Laura Pelosio

Handmade in Nove

Every artwork is made of porcelain stoneware: a prestigious ceramic material fired at very high temperatures (1200°C). It is resistant, waterproof, and washable.
The colour range is exclusive, perfected in Lineasette's workshop.
The matte and monochromatic coating gives each piece a raw dotted colour and an elegant chiaroscuro effect.
The surface of the piece is rough and textured to the touch.

Medium 17x12x33 cm, Small 17x12x21cm

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