Give the Gift of Italian Fashion - Shop MIIO’s Mother’s Day Sale

Give the Gift of Italian Fashion - Shop MIIO’s Mother’s Day Sale

This Mother’s day, give the gift of Italian fashion. MIIO, Made in Italy Only, a high end, Italian luxury boutique located in Jupiter, FL is offering a 14 day long Mother’s Day Sale! This 2 week long sale, from May 1st to May 14th offers customers 15% off the entire site including additional Spring Sale discounts. Use code MOTHERSDAY15 when placing an order over $100 to receive this discount. Options for Mother’s day gifts from MIIO range from designer handbags, beauty products, rare jewelry, summer linen shirts and more, all produced from internationally recognized brands that any Mother will love. Visit the MIIO website to shop the online Mother’s Day sale and begin planning a heartfelt Mother’s Day gift!

Mother’s Day gift ideas from MIIO for the Mother Who Loves Fashion 

For the mother's who always dress to impressed, consider these picks from MIIO, an Italian boutique

Finlandia Gilet Vest by Gaynor Bongard: This beautiful vest made in Italy is one size fits all and is made of 80% Viscose and 20% Metallized Yarn. Gaynor Bongard is a family company that began in Italy in 2000 and is a group made of dynamic women who create products made for a middle to high market looking for luxury, quality and attention to detail. This brand has a passion for fashion and has created exclusive collections now distributed throughout the world. Shop Finlandia Gilet Vest by Gaynor Bongard.

Rose 26 Maraton By ButiThis sophisticated handbag is beautiful for the daytime and for more elegant looks. It is made of calf Alce stamp and suede leather lining, and has a semi-structured, compact shape. It offers a stylish metal closure, an adjustable strap, interior zipper pocket, interior slip pocket and protective metal bottom studs. It is soft and fluffy to the touch, yet very durable. The Buti Maison is an internationally well-known brand, representing “Le Belle Italiane nel Mondo.” For Buti, quality is what remains in the mind of clients. Shop Rose 26 Maraton By Buti now. 

Barbieri Cotton and Silk ScarfThis precious and unique scarf features a beautiful Hibiscus designed with marvelous colors and creativity! It is available in green or blue multicolor. Design by Barbieri in Como, Italy Barbieri designs and produces exclusive scarves and foulards with a very high creative content: printed scarves, solid color, dyed yarn, and jacquard. Barbieri is a master in the search for unique prints with a strong personality, making it the protagonist in the world of accessories and an integral part of the excellence of Made in Italy. Shop Barbieri Cotton and Silk Scarf DK461. 

Mother’s Day gift ideas from MIIO for the Mother Who Loves The Beach

Situated in the coastal, quaint beach town of Jupiter, FL, MIIO has the perfect mother’s day gift for the beachy mom’s:

Giava Fur Bag: Consider this Giava Fur Bag, an embroidered shopper bag with fringe and a bamboo handle. It also has an internal magnet and patterned shoulder strap with suede details, so there are options for how to wear it. The brand, Via Mail Bag, combines fancy design and handcraft working techniques to get innovative, precious and timeless bags with a strong touch of uniqueness. Shop the Giava Fur Bag.

Big Sun Hat: Every beach mom needs a big sun hat, it’s an unspoken rule - and MIIO happens to have the perfect one. With a large, wide brim, not only does it keep the sun off the face, it also provides ample shade so the wearer can get lost in a book without the worry of the sun glaring on the white page. This hat is made by Biagini, a brand strongly linked to the values of the past, but with a look towards the future, creating timeless artifacts. Shop the Big Sun Hat. 

Mariano Linen and Cotton Shirt: Of course, the beach look wouldn’t be complete without an oversized, summer linen shirt. This brand, mariano, is created by MIIO owners. The linen shirts are an exclusive line designed in house and produced 100% in Italy with Canclini fabric and finished by Rosmini tailors, two internationally recognized brands. For more details on the process of how these shirts are created, check out the blog on MIIO’s summer linen shirts. With a variety of colors, these linen shirts are breathable, light and airy with enduring quality and beauty! Shop Mariani Linen and Cotton Shirts. 

Mother’s Day gift ideas from MIIO for the Mother Who Loves Jewelry 

We can't forget the moms who are always adorned in the most gorgeous jewels and gems, here are some of the top picks from MIIO for the Jewelry loving moms:

Freshwater Pearl Choker Necklace: Pearls are timeless. This specific necklace is handmade in Rimini, using hypoallergenic 925 silver wet 18K rose gold with high thickness and resistance. The brand, Beelight has developed and perfected a technique they call “Bee Bright,” a special micro glitter finish that gives greater brightness to each stone used in the various designs - a feature never seen before.  The manufacturing process requires 75 hours of work to create an exceptional, one of a kind product. Shop the Freshwater Pearl Choker Necklace. 

Perle Drop: Earrings handmade in Rimini, using hypoallergenic 925 silver wet 18K rose gold with high thickness and resistance, these earrings will pair perfectly with the Freshwater Pearl Choker Necklace to create a gift set. Created by the same brand, Beelight, this is a great option for a mother’s day jewelry gift. Shop Perle Drop.

Cocco Bracelets: A little bit of arm candy elevates any fashion look, especially these crocodile leather Biagini bracelets. Crocodile leather is a very rare and exotic material making it highly sought-after and highly luxurious. This gift is perfect for a mother who is unique, bright and colorful, and loves to wear a statement piece at all times. To learn more about the history of crocodile leather, check out this blog. Shop Cocco Bracelets.


Happy Mother’s Day from MIIO to all the amazing mother’s out there! We recognize the hard work, dedication and love a mother shares with her children and everyone else who enters her life! We hope all the mother’s are showered with love and gifts in celebration of the role they have. Please join MIIO during our Mother’s Day Sale, from May 1st to May 14th and don't forget to use code MOTHERSDAY15 on orders over $100, sitewide. Visit MIIO’s website to begin shopping for the perfect Mother’s Day gift!