Located in the medieval walled village of Anghiari and owned by the same family for eight generations now, Busatti has handcrafted natural linen fibers, hemp and cotton since 1842.

No one can visit Busatti and its showroom in the Palazzo Morgalanti (which has stood for over five centuries) without having their breath taken away by its roots, deep in Italian history, the village of Anghiari and the amazing beauty of Busatti linens.

Busatti is now a world-wide brand, with attention to limited production, high quality raw materials and painstaking detail that MIIO is now so pleased to offer. A brand that can renew itself without renouncing family tradition, will not only be respected but will live and flourish forever.

We met with Busatti and had the amazing honor of staying in Palazzo Morgalanti in July of 2022. MIIO is thrilled to include Busatti in its family of suppliers.