It’s simple: Follow Your Passion.

After three decades of travel throughout Italy, a long journey of reconnecting with our Italian roots, amazing experiences and interactions throughout, and building long term relationships and friendships all along the way, we founded MIIO Enterprises in 2021 to bring a diverse mix of products that exemplify enduring
Italian beauty and quality to the USA market. Our approach is founded on the utmost respect for Italian craftsmanship and excellence and established, lasting relationships with multi-generational family businesses.


Unique and Exclusive

MIIO will bring unique, artisanal "made in Italy" only products across diverse categories like leather handbags, small accessories, jewelry, clothing, ceramics, home goods, bed, kitchen and house linens, and other select products, which are produced by multi-generational family businesses based in Italy that you typically cannot find anywhere but in the streets and alleys of Italian cities and villages. 

Our customers will feel like the product is truly their own, special and unique, because of the rich story and character of each family business behind them. They will also have the ability to customize their purchases to create one of a kind items.

Our MIIO products feature the truly incredible quality, beauty and legend of “made in Italy” products, promote the magic, history and commitment of the families behind the Italian businesses we have selected for our store, and will make Italian
excellence accessible to the American market.


Business Integrity

We have spent over a year now identifying, screening and securing business relationships with Italian businesses that fit our mission and provide the unique and exclusive products MIIO aspires to offer. We have met every single one of our Italian suppliers in person, in
many of their factories and offices and throughout Italy, to ensure that the products
MIIO sells embody the enduring quality and beauty of Made In Italy Only that our customers will immediately recognize and have come to expect. 

As a result, we are able to curate small inventories across diverse product categories so that most of our products can be bought and enjoyed immediately, without the need to wait for a specially crafted product from Italy.  We hope our exciting selections of beautiful, special items offered in our Jupiter store and on-line will conjure magic memories of your own Italian travels or motivate you to make new Italian travel adventures.  And either way, perhaps stop in to see one of our special business partners in action in Italy!

Artistic Integrity

Our mission is deeply rooted in respect for the artistry and craftsmanship of these special Italian businesses to guarantee the quality of the products we offer.

Cultural Integrity

Our family has spent over thirty years establishing and nourishing our connections with our Italian roots. MIIO is our way of integrating this rich connection we have fostered into our lives in America and highlighting the relationships we have built with over 25 Italian businesses that produce our products.


It's All in the Name.

MIIO stands for "Made in Italy Only", but it also a nod to the Italian Word “mio”. This possessive adjective is an additional reference to our personal journeys reconnecting with our Italian heritage.

Moreover, it captures the uniqueness and the distinct personality of the products we import. People will feel like the product is truly their own because of the rich story and character of each piece.

We make Italian excellence accessible to the American market by connecting the right American customers that would love and appreciate the unique Italian products

- John Mariano, CEO MIIO Enterprises

Our Founders.