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Exclusively found at MIIO, Sevitex’s Float Collection

Sevitex’s most prestigious brand of bed linens, the Float Collection, is focused on creating textiles for both personal care and bedware, stemming from a long history of passion and tradition; offering the highest quality of bed linens in Jupiter, Florida, it is described as being light, embracing, and warm as a hug. Sevitex is a leading Italian company in the hotel textile sector founded in 1969, and has thousands of customers in Italy and abroad. Sevitex products have been handed down from generation to generation in order to preserve their high quality.

Luxury duvets in jupiter Florida

Float Collection uses the finest raw materials and takes supreme care in the manufacturing process. This brand stands for comfort, lightness and elegance made in Italy. Giza cotton is used in the Float Collection, and is high-quality Egyptian cotton, grown in a small area of the Nile delta. Giza is known as one of the world’s finest cottons - it is extremely strong, silky to the touch and incredibly soft.

Luxury bed linens in jupiter Florida

Additionally, Sevitex produces PluMy duvets, an exclusive Float Collection product. PluMy duvets are the warmest and lightest duvets in the world. PluMy is entirely handmade in Italy with an external covering of Nik Flanders fabric, 500 Giza cotton threads and the innovative Thindown® inside. It is the only fabric in the world made from a goose down, the technology delivers all the natural benefits of a goose down in the thinnest possible profile. Thindown® offers up to 170% more warmth than the traditional feather duvet, and 450% more warmth than polyester ones. PluMy provides maximum comfort due to the combination of two fabrics and it has the ability to keep body temperature constant. PluMy is available in many different colors and can be developed into any shape or size or customized as needed.

Luxury duvets and bed linens in Jupiter FL

The Float Collection and PluMy products are 100% made in Italy, combining traditional textile craftsmanship with innovation and respect for the environment. Owners of MIIO had the pleasure of meeting Sevitex in Milano and were blown away by the Float Collection linens and PluMy duvet. They traveled to Rome in April 2022 to meet the entire Sevi family and to tour the Rome based factory. After testing the linens for themselves, the MIIO team felt assured their customers would enjoy these products, how high quality and spectacular they are and will not disappoint. MIIO is elated to have exclusive rights to offer the Float Collection to its USA customers.