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BY Acqua Dell'Elba

When you experience that first swim in the morning, the caress of the wind that fills your sails and the fresh fragrance of that solitary cove, this is the fragrance that will remind you of the essence of an island: Mare, The Sea.

Mare (pronounced "MAH-ray") is a fresh harmony with the notes of lemon, rosemary, sea-lily, marine algae, marine cistus and the wood of Mediterranean shrubs.


When you open your eyes, you will live the dream of finding yourself in a huge field of flowers where the perfumes mixed with the salt air, gently waft towards you on the gentle sea breeze.

Now, close your eyes again you will remember the notes of the broom, the helichrysum and the marine cistus that touched your soul with the backdrop of the sea that has never been so close.

A flowery harmony with essential oils of broom, myrtle, jasmine, cistus and the woody notes of Mediterranean shrubs.


It is as sparkling as the yellow of the fruit that pervades it. It is as deep as the blue of the sea that reflects it. It is as intense as the greenery of the nature that surrounds it.

It is the vitalising perfume of the Lemon trees of Sant’Andrea, created with the essential oils of lemon, in harmony with basil, green leaves and cedar wood.

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