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Plumy by Float Collection

Only at MIIO

Plumy by Float Collection

Only at MIIO

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Our premiere offering: Plumy by Float Collection.

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Why Plumy

Unique and Exclusive to MIIO

Float Collection is Sevitex's new, most prestigious brand of bed linens. Sevitex is a leading company in Italy in the hotel textile sector, founded in 1969, and with thousands of customers in Italy and abroad.

PluMy, the gem of the collection, is the warmest and lightest duvet in the world, a product designed and made entirely by hand in Italy. The outer casing is made of Flanders fabric featuring a Nik pattern, all made of 500 thread count Giza cotton, filled with the revolutionary Thindown®, an innovative material patented and produced in Italy. The patented technology delivers all the natural benefits of goose down in the thinnest possible profile and the only fabric in the world made from goose down. The Float Collection products combine traditional textile craftsmanship with innovation, while respecting the environment.

We met Sevitex in Milano and again in Rome and were simply blown away by its Float Collection linens and PluMy duvets. MIIO is elated to have exclusive rights to offer the Float Collection to its USA customers.

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