Coppia Vase
Coppia Vase
Coppia Vase

Coppia Vase

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BY Lineasette

Sinuous and elegant vase that catches the eye. It strongly communicates the complicity and harmony of a couple’s love. A piece modelled by skilled craftsmen for the pleasure of having it in the home and the satisfaction of giving it as a gift.

Flavio Cavalli

Handmade in Nove

Every artwork is made of porcelain stoneware: a prestigious ceramic material fired at very high temperatures (1200°C). It is resistant, waterproof, and washable.
The colour range is exclusive, perfected in Lineasette’s workshop.
The matte and monochromatic coating gives each piece a raw dotted colour and an elegant chiaroscuro effect.
The surface of the piece is rough and textured to the touch

10x09x36 cm

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